Size Guide

Here at Heavenly Feet we know how important it is to find footwear that fits correctly.  As everyone is different and because many factors can affect the way footwear does fit, we have shown a list of approximate fittings so you can find the most suitable size for you.

UK                    EU                    US       

3                      36                    5         

4                      37                    6         

5                      38                    7         

6                      39                    8         

6.5*                 40                    8.5      

7                      41                    9         

8                      42                    10       

* Indicates this UK size is not manufactured by Heavenly Feet

The sizing information provided is for guidance only.  If you are unsure of your fitting we would recommend having your feet professionally measured before making a purchase.

Please remember differences in manufacture, weather and climate; personal fit, foot health, medical and non-medical supports, hosiery and other items worn with footwear can all have an effect on fitting.