Heavenly Feet is a stylish, exciting and dynamic ladies footwear brand with a strong focus on comfort, style and value.  Launched over 10 years ago, the brand has become extremely desirable and well-respected. Fundamental to the success of Heavenly Feet is the comfort of the product with on-foot comfort paramount to all styles within the range. Care is taken to ensure the quality of materials and construction work together to provide a genuinely comfortable foot environment. 

Quality Memory Foam insoles are widely used across the range (where construction /styling allows) and several styles in the Autumn / Winter 2018 range now feature Removable Memory Foam Insoles, specifically shaped to the last of the product so that they offer excellent fit within the foot-bed and superb comfort underfoot for the wearer.  An additional benefit of featuring removable insoles is they can now be easily replaced with a customer’s own custom insole or orthotic, adding to the flexibility of the product.

Aside from valuing comfort, Heavenly Feet has always been a proactive brand and we are constantly looking to develop our products in accordance with consumer attitudes and environmental concerns. 

With individuals becoming increasingly conscious and aware of their impact, environmental considerations have never been more important.  Heavenly Feet is no exception.  In fact, we are passionate about exceeding expectations on this topic which inspired us to develop innovative-handled shoe boxes.  Made from recyclable card and featuring in-built handles, these shoe boxes remove the need for a carrier bag (when purchased from a store) helping to reduce carrier bag usage and ultimately plastic waste.

As with many products, footwear is changing.  As customers seek products made from sustainable resources and with green credentials, it is vital for companies to listen to their customers and the wider audience and begin to develop products to support these important lifestyle changes.  Whether looking at ways to better recycle parts or all of a product; finding sustainable alternatives to assist in design, development and manufacture of products or using new and innovative materials or production techniques, it is in the interest of everyone to help.

This is why Heavenly Feet are at present, actively looking to develop a line of footwear that is environmentally friendly; from the materials used in manufacture to the way in which it can be recycled.  We love the idea of vegetarian and vegan friendly products and are even looking at ways to make a product that is fully biodegradable.  Our aim is to have a line of footwear available for the Autumn/Winter 2019 season that begins to meet these credentials. 

Look out for the green heart icon which will identify these products within the range.

We hope you continue to enjoy wearing your Heavenly Feet and supporting our fantastic brand.