Our Story

Heavenly Feet was born 15 years ago from one simple obsession: to create beautiful women's footwear and ultimate comfort.


Perfect fit - ultimate comfort

We began by building a team who are passionate about getting that perfect fit and achieving our goal of footwear that had ultimate levels of comfort. We always knew we wanted to design all our footwear right here in the UK and our team now has over 100 years experience in crafting footwear that fits better than everything else.

Heavenly Feet

Ageless Style

Style was the other half of our mission but our style has a little bit of rebel DNA running through it. Heavenly Feet style is ageless, for the woman who wears it her own way no matter what. Within our range of classic styles we incorporate the latest technologies and materials to achieve that style and maintain your comfort.

Vegan-friendly footwear

Once we had combined our comfort and style mission into one package, we began our journey towards producing vegan friendly products and turning our attention to our environmental impact. All of our products are now vegan friendly and we are moving towards recycled packaging, compostable shipping bags and using green electricity at our head office. Why? Because like you we want to make a difference, not only to your style and comfort, but to the planet.