Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine Dressing

Here at Heavenly Feet we are big believers in wearing what makes you happy! We think style is ageless and that if you like it wear it. We’ve been looking into Dopamine Dressing and how it can make you happier. For those that haven’t heard of dopamine dressing, it’s a theory that wearing the clothes you love boosts your dopamine levels, making you happier. Essentially it’s wearing what you want to bring you joy. Lots of the time, dopamine dressing refers to colour, print and bold pieces that maybe you were a bit nervous to wear. We absolutely love colour and print and it’s these pieces that can bring you a lot of joy if you bite the bullet and wear what you want with confidence. We’ve put together 4 of our products that are bright, colourful and bound to bring you joy.

First up, Lush, a stylish open toe sandal with a small block heel. Lush in Fuchsia is a bright pink heel with a contrasting orange chain detail across the front. The perfect way to brighten up a plainer outfit or to finish off a statement look, Lush is the perfect pop of colour with the same Heavenly Feet comfort so you can take this heel from day to night with no complaints.


Next, scarves. Our scarf collection is the easiest way to create a beautifully bold outfit that you love. We have the option of block colour scarves that are beautifully bright and super easy to style with or we have the printed scarves which create a really unique look. Aside from the colours and patterns, another thing we love is that they are extremely versatile. They could be used as your summer cover up on holiday or at a festival but equally you could layer one up in Autumn/Winter meaning you can use it all year round. That’s 12 whole months of dressing with absolute joy!

Back to shoes, Marigold is making us the happiest out of our trainer collection at the moment. Not only does this trainer have contoured cushioned insoles that will have you smiling, it comes in 4 fabulous colours and perfectly accompanies pretty much any outfit. The style itself is stylishly simple, which allows you to pair it with a wide range of clothes, but it’s the colourways which made this a fabulous addition to our dopamine wardrobe. It is a chic trainer with a luxury feel but an affordable price tag.

Finally, we couldn’t not mention our Justina Prints, a Heavenly Feet classic. If you want to make a real style statement this is the boot for you. Both the bee print and the star print come in a range of colours that will fill you with joy from top to bottom whilst keeping your feet in ultimate comfort. Justina Prints are the perfect way to add something to a plainer look or to compliment other patterns and colours.

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