The Shoe Diaries: Karina Scott

The Shoe Diaries: Karina Scott

Each month we share with you the daily shoe style of one of our customers.

Karina Scott is a freelance marketing manager from Northampton. She loves xx xxx and xx


I pair my morning coffee with the Fireside slippers. With the warm furry inside I do really struggle to take these off when it's time to start my day.


Now it's time to get down to business, I am currently working from home so I like to be comfy and professional. The Rosemary sandal for the perfect all day shoe plus it's easy to dress up with jeans or a summer dress.

CROWN - 5:30pm

The pre dinner shop run. With a cushioned insole and sport luxe finish the Crown trainer will keeps me comfortable and chic when standing in the super long supermarket queues.


My favourite part of the day. I love to slip backed into my Fireside slippers, pop my feet up, grab the chocolate and watch Netflix. 

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