Cancellation Rights

For all off-premises and distance contracts, customers now have 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of goods to cancel. A cancellation request must be submitted in writing using the following form which Heavenly Feet will acknowledge receipt of. Alternatively the cancellation can be made by phone or email, but it must be a clear statement to cancel.

Customers must return their goods within 14 days of cancellation notice being made.

Heavenly Feet are able to withhold refunds until goods are returned (or evidence of the return is provided) and can reduce the amount of money refunded for goods returned which show evidence of use beyond handling necessary to see whether the goods are as expected.

Where customers cancel a contract, any ancillary contract (such as warranty or credit agreement) is automatically cancelled.

Heavenly Feet agree to refund the cost of goods, including any outbound delivery payment made by the customer, where a cancellation notification has been made within the 14 day period stipulated. Where the customer has chosen a higher cost of delivery than the standard option available, Heavenly Feet only have to refund the standard cost, not the higher cost of delivery.